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WHDT presently broadcasts 40 hours of locally produced news each week, exclusive of rebroadcast of news highlights on weekends. The station’s “WHDT World News” airs each day at 5 am, at noon, at 5 pm and at 10 pm ET; the weekend edition is a compilation of notable segments from the weekday broadcasts. The newscasts are produced by WHDT World Television Service, in association with subsidiary Next News Network, with offices in Boston, Chicago, Sacramento, Miami, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.. The newscasts feature local and national stories as well as extended interview segments, a brief weather segment from the National Weather Service with a forecast for the West Palm Beach area, an entertainment segment (Hollyscoop), and political, financial and science reports from contributing editors.

WHDT World Television Service from WHDT TV on Vimeo.